How to Pay

How to Pay with Credit/Debit Card via PMC Gold

PMC Gold is another payment gateway that allows our customers to buy a crypto and pay the order immediately, without the hassle of any other requirements and no approval wait periods.

If you want to buy our products through a debit or credit card, just select PMC Gold on checkout.

How does it work?

  • 1Select PMC Gold at Checkout

  • 2Click to Proceed

  • 3Pay using an existing debit or credit card
  • 4Confirm your details, Name, Address, Email and Phone

  • 5Check on Accept the Terms and Conditions
  • 6Buy Equivalent amount of PMC Gold in USD

  • 7Pay BuyDMAAOnline with the order amount.

  • 8After which you will be redirected back to Chemical Exchange website for a successful checkout payment. An Invoice for your order will be sent to your email.

If you need more help about PMC Gold, please Contact Us through live chat or call us at 561-779-6898